Why we chose a vegan lifestyle

Where did it all start?

Here we go another angry vegan trying to tell me what to do and convert me to being vegan. Stop right there mister or missus I shall have none of that talk here. Jokes aside I never liked people telling me what to do. So fear not, that won’t be happening here. I would, however, like to explain why we chose to live a vegan lifestyle.

Back in November 2015 myself and Lyndz were looking for a way of switching up our diet. Our health and our families health had to be our priority. We spoke about turning vegetarian, looking back I’m not sure 100% why this was. If you think to yourself I want to improve my diet generally the first thing you do is increase fruit and vegetable intake as we know they are good for us. I believe this had a lot to do with the decision.

Choosing a vegan lifestyle

In the coming weeks, we started to read more and follow different vegetarian pages on social media. Included was lots of information around veganism. I’ll hold my hands up and say that veganism was a whole new concept for me, I had known a few vegetarians but never a vegan. The more we read, the more we both agreed that this was the next step and made it our goal to live a vegan lifestyle from the 1st of January 2016.

A vegan lifestyle will help the planet.

Little did we know that this decision would be one of the greatest decisions we ever made. Documentary after documentary, article after article we scoured the internet finding out all there was to know about living a vegan lifestyle. What we found was heartbreaking! The suffering the devastation and the miseducation was a real eye opener.

Learning what is going on around us

We like to think of ourselves as free spirited, loving people; you know the kind who at the sense of some upset like to say “can’t we all just get along?” This is still the case but for a while, we questioned how we had taken part in this way of life for so long and not made the connection?

Some reasons why we continued to think this way weren’t a coincidence. The meat and dairy industry have done a great job in making us think about animals as a commodity. They make us believe they are happy to give up their resources and even their lives for us.

Anyone aware of the laughing cow company in the UK? Another example is we need cows milk for calcium. The dairy industry did a real number on us with this one. Also, the “meat” ( the word what they want you to use so you forget that you’re eating an animal) is slaughtered humanely. According to the dictionary, this word describes compassion and sympathy, although I wouldn’t typically use these words when describing the death of a living being. These are just 2 examples in the long line of excuses and BS we are told to keep us locked in as consumers. From the environment, animal welfare, human health and the list goes on.

Protecting our family

As a parent, I protect my children from danger and advise them to steer clear of things that could harm them. We all do this as parents so why would it be any different for the food we provide for them? We spoke to the kids and educated them around diet and lifestyle and made it clear that choosing to live a vegan lifestyle would be their own decision. In the following months they chose to go vegan by their own accord and for that, we are very proud.

We believe that the continued education and communication between us helped cement the message. We have attended lots of festivals which is a great way to explore vegan foods and products. The meetups are a great way of listening to talks and connecting with other people all races, religions, ages and genders interested in veganism.

I have barely touched the surface with veganism but wanted to show you how accessible it is. It wasn’t all fairy tales and certainly took some thought and planning to make the transition. Never the less 100% worth it. I will be writing different posts on veganism in the coming weeks and months to help create a broader picture and understanding.


I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions so please leave your comments in the section below. If you would like to contact me directly for any help with going or maintaining a vegan lifestyle, email me using the contact form provided.

Peace and love

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