finding your purpose

Find your purpose and wake up every day with a smile.

Finding your purpose.

99% of my days I wake with a sense of contentment and enthusiasm for the day. This is largely down to my wife and kids, who I’m so grateful to share my life with. Secondly,

I found my purpose!

At our core, I believe we have desires for achievement and fulfilment. The reality is we often live a life of regret. So what does all of this actually mean? I’ve had my fair share of regular jobs and found all but a few to be mundane and non-supportive of that voice inside that serves to guide me.


After years of searching, I connected with my purpose. My passion is supporting others to improve their own health and happiness. Using a holistic approach we can obtain happiness whilst enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


I have a very strong connection to my intuition. It may also be described as following a “hunch” or following your “gut”. Life is about following these things and living in line with your true purpose.


How I arrived at that point.

1, Metaphorically jumping off the roller coaster of life. Taking time to shush the noise and listen to my intuition. I wrote an article about my digital detox which may help complete this step.

2, Ask yourself if you can contribute to society, or make this planet a better place for all. Focus your attention on bringing some good into the world.

3, Read, watch, and learn things that excite and bring you a deeper sense of happiness when explored.

4, Bringing out the trusty pen and paper. I sat for days at a time writing words that intuitively came into my head. I explored them and figured out what they meant to me.

5, I visualised the path and agreed on the steps needed to achieve them.

6, I got back on that rollercoaster and started to make things happen!!!

Achieving these things can seem unrealistic. Day to day we barely get enough time to think, let alone make changes. Waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual and working on your purpose can make all the difference over the course of a year.setting your alarm clock
A quick google search on finding your purpose bought back 522,000,000 results. This says to me that finding your purpose is something that burns brightly within us.

Please let me know how you came to find your own purpose.

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