Tips to create a fun packed family day.

Family fun time.

Quality time spent with family should be something that you all look forward to and not dread. Our four kids are getting older now 14, 11, 11 and 4.Competing with their social and hobby timetable is a task in itself. Exploring interests, and spending time with friends are all part of growing up. We are grateful that they have the confidence to socialise and have fun. The only issue with this is that our time as a family can be hard to fit in.

I define quality time as when we are all free from distraction. Present in the moment and present in each others company. That means no screen time for us or the kids. Whilst our gadgets have their place in our lives family time is not one of them. I want to be able to truly listen to what the kids say, see the expression on their faces and understand the way in which they think.

Likewise, we adults get distracted, and our attention is taken up by daily life and nominal tasks. The gate needs fixing or that mound of washing needs tackling.

How often when your kids ask you a question do you give them your complete attention and make eye contact with them? I get that it’s going to happen but I also acknowledge the fact how important it is to feel understood and listened too.

This is where “family fun day” comes in and helps us all reconnect.

Here are some things to consider when planning and executing a fun family day!

SWITCH OFF!! Put down the smartphone, tablet and laptop and enjoy the freedom. Keep your mobile device with you for emergencies only.

COMPLETE any prior tasks making sure your mind isn’t distracted.

PLAN IN ADVANCE! There’s nothing worse than sitting down when you all have free time and nobody can decide what they want to do.
SLEEP– Get a good night’s sleep beforehand. I’m sure as a parent we have all said: “it’s because their tired” to describe a situation that’s not going to plan.
TALK and chat about everything and nothing. Doing this will help create a lasting memory.
Choose something fun for all of you. I know this is easier said than done when you have kids of all ages but it’s definitely still possible.
COST– It doesn’t have to break the bank.
Deep down all kids want is your time and attention.

Some of the activities we like to include:

Going on long walks. We live near a lot of wooded areas which gives us plenty of places to explore. Make it extra fun and take a piece of rope and make a rope swing. As a kid, I remember how exciting a rope swing was (still is).

Picnics are another exciting way of spending time together. It’s great how enjoyable it can be eating the same meals just in a different location.

Upcycle or redesign a canvas or picture.Creating and playing around with finger paints and pencils is awesome.

Baking and making yummy food. Cooking and understanding food is one of the most important life skills you could ever teach your kids. Relax, have fun, and see what you can all create.

Get outdoors and get active. Play frisbee, or fly a kite.Simple things are often overlooked and still heaps of fun. Create a good example for the kids by showing them that exercise and movement can be fun and not all about going to a gym.

Whilst this isn’t always easy, it is definitely worth paying attention to if like us, you’re family is important to you. We genuinely enjoy hanging out and spending time with the kids and long may that continue….

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