How often should I be posting on my blog?

8 Blogs in, and after some time to reflect, I find myself asking what is the purpose of this blog? The other questions are how often should I be posting? and what type of content should I be including? I’m very conscious that the internet is awash with information and don’t simply want to add any more pointless noise. Hopefully, I can clear a few of these questions up, and help you decide if it’s worth sticking around. (please do I’m new to this and I will get better I promise)

Conscious thinking.

I have decided that quality is king (or queen) and the obsession with putting out content every other second isn’t what I want to provide for you. The other question I have had on my mind has been the style that the posts are written. Whilst the professional (sometimes robotic) supply of flawless content (sometimes unrelatable) have their place, this isn’t going to be one of them.

Reflecting on life


I think it’s easy to get caught up trying to live the “perfect life” living as though you exist in a perfectly written novel. What this does is distance the gap between reality and your true self. What’s that saying again “never let anyone dull your sparkle”
(who doesn’t love a sassy quote to give you the eye of the tiger)

The importance of reflection.

Reading my previous posts has helped me understand that I love writing. At the same time, I want my own personality and opinion to help my posts become relatable. I recently discovered a website called by Regina which includes awesome tips on finding your own voice when blogging.I highly recommend checking this out for anyone thinking of entering the blogosphere.

I’ve spent more time than I care to remember reading the world’s best how to articles, looking at images of the perfect downward dog, or maybe reading how that jacked guy can do a thousand push ups using his little finger. (ok so maybe the last one is an exaggeration! What can I say I’m a man were used to a little exaggeration!). If there’s one take home point of them all is,

“Perfection does not exist”


Moving forward it’s going to be more mouth to hand and a lot less stick-up-butt type of writing. More Laughs and sarcasm(i use this a sign of affection) and a whole lot of humility!

Creating a collective.

I want to create a platform where we communicate in a way that suits us, without the need to conform or live up to other people’s expectations. In reality, I’m just one mind in the collective conscious going about my life trying to be the best I can. I don’t always get this right but at the centre of what I do is the belief that I’m doing my best. This is definitely something I hope to be able to share with all of you.

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