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I really do want to connect with as many people as possible. Writing on different platforms and using different social media pages allows me to grow. This gives me a chance to help and support more people. I wrote about my intentions for the blog which you can read here.

In our modern life its easy to forget how to connect.

With so many ways to communicate why is it become so hard to connect?


Connecting with like minded people is awesome! Have you ever had a random conversation with somebody that usually you wouldn’tĀ approach and they turn out to be your new BFF?. Continuing to share the content on your social media pages, really makes a difference, and for that, I am truly grateful. For now, I’m sending out a virtual hug. Which if we meet sometime in the future will be followed up by a great big bear hug! (they’re great I promise).


If you have any advice or suggestions on ways to grow this page then please drop me a comment in the section below.

Thank you and peace out!!

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