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How to meditate in a busy house

How I meditate daily in a busy house.

Two adults 4 kids and three bedrooms, sounds like a title for a comedy show, but it’s not, this is how I live, and I love it. At times it can be loud, and busy, but to be honest I’m probably the main culprit. All of the noise and craziness creates a great place to live but not always the easiest place to relax. Each night my alarm goes off, this is my reminder to unwind and practice meditation in my busy house.

1. Create your own meditation routine

So for me, the sweet spot is 19:00. Every day my phone alarm will ring and I know it’s time to stop what I’m doing and make my way to utopia. This prompts me to ask if everyone can “keep it down a bit” whilst I go and meditate. Like your morning alarm your body starts to become used to this habit and in time you will already start to wind down before the alarm sounds. I wrote about creating a healthy lifestyle and why meditation is right up near the top of that list in terms of importance.

2. Finding your own zen space

We are not blessed with  “spare rooms” neither do we live in a sunny country (not yet anyways ). Outdoor meditation is great when mother nature decides to share her sunlight with us, which in our case is not very often. Finding a universal space where you can meditate is vital to maintaining consistent practice. For me it’s our bedroom, we have the smallest room which helps prevent clutter and makes for a lovely meditation space. Pinterest is a great place for ideas on how to create a cosy meditation space.

“ Meditation is not only accessible to those who are able to devote their whole lives to peace and serenity”

3. Choose your own style

Guided, mindful, tantric, kundalini or zen (to name just a few) Whatever type of meditation you choose please research and find a style that suits you. Youtube has thousands (had to check they have around 11,100,000 results for meditation) of videos available, if youtube isn’t your bag there are also so many free apps for mobiles and tablets. There is nothing worse than getting ready to meditate and realising that the video your best mates, doctors, aunty’s, neighbour told you about, ain’t all that.

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4. Pick your meditation tools

I like to meditate with my headphones in and some incense burning. The scent plus the stillness helps me to get in my groove. Maybe a pillow, oil infuser or mala beads might help. Meditation is about finding what works for you. If this means using an aid to help, go for it.

5, Learn to accept

Very much like your meditation practice, you have to accept your circumstances. Maybe it is noisy, and maybe it’s not ideal, but it will always be worthwhile. Coming out of a meditation feeling like a million dollars isn’t always going to happen. I recently meditated for all of 5 minutes before I had to get up and accept that the thoughts in my head were too loud for me to continue just yet. Please don’t be discouraged when experiencing times like this as it takes time to find your way.

“Be patient and kind with yourself, and life will do the same”

If you have any tips on how you choose to meditate please share them below and let’s help everyone learn together.I will always comment back if you have something to say or ask so please feel free to get in touch.

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    April 14, 2017 at 8:28 PM

    Chris. I came across your page and I have to say, after reading, I actually feel like I can find a plan and a route to a peaceful life that I have been searching for. Keep the posts coming 🙂 I have subscribed, so look foward to further reading. Thank you. Natalie

    • Reply
      April 15, 2017 at 7:02 AM

      Hi Natalie, thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my post I really do appreciate it. It’s great you can use some of my suggestions to help you live in a way that brings you peace.Ive got lots more planned for posts but if you do have anything you’d like me to write about then please drop a comment in the box or send me an email at info@mindbodybreathe.com

      Thanks again


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