Use water to change how your feeling.

3 ways to interrupt your funk without breaking a sweat

Oh no here comes a funk.

Put your hand up if you’ve had a time where the dark mist descends, and it feels like all the happiness has been sucked out of the world? Just for the record, both of my hands are up, and I’m stretching them as high as I can! In my world I call this a funk. Locked in my own mind, unaware of logic, reason, and intent on crawling into a metaphoric hole where I don’t have to make another decision, or be a grown up anymore.

Time to roll your sleeves up.

I’m very lucky in the fact my wife is very supportive and is able to spot all the signs of a funk (she really does deserve a gold medal). She is then able to make suggestions to help me shake the funk (How cool does that sound?)It goes a little like this:
Why don’t you meditate?
Me: Nope…
Why don’t you go and workout?
Me: Nah
Ok, so what is going to help you right now?

I promise I’m not a teenager but at times like this, its almost like I revert to my adolescence. If you’ve ever been in this situation where stringing two syllables together is a challenge you’ll agree that it sucks. Enter the, “roll your sleeves up method”. Go after it, affect it, and interrupt it. Let’s get practical, and work through this.

How to interrupt your funk


Let’s do this!!

1, WATER– has the ability to change the way we think and CBT shows us how our thoughts affect the way that we feel. A few things that have helped me are: Having a cold/hot shower, running a nice hot bath with bubbles and essential oils (some of us men are quite partial to a bit of pampering) or if you’re away from your home, running your hands under the cold tap can also be a big help.(please don’t judge me until you’ve tried it).

2, MUSIC! Whether your groove is AC/DC or lite folk music, either have the power to alter your mood. I shoot for some shakti healing sounds as loud as it can go, earphones in and sitting in a comfy place. The loud music overshadows the monkey mind (zen Buddhist description of mind chatter) and allows you to drift back into “normal mode” where having 100 things running through your mind rather than 1000.

3, PERSPECTIVE– Take yourself outside, take 3 deep breaths, and turn your attention to the sky. Staring into the sky helps my realise how insignificant my mind chatter is. The limitless space creates a distance between you and your thoughts. From here you can view your thoughts, let them subside, and put them back into whatever psychological filing cabinet they belong in.


Next time the dreaded funk washes over you, be more prepared to work through it. Take my suggestions, write them down, and read through them when you need them most.

If you have a moment please comment below and let me know what you do to bring yourself out of a funk.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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