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Hi, and welcome to mind body breathe.


My name is Chris, I currently live in the UK with my beautiful wife and 4 awesome kids. Life has taught me many things including the importance of genuine connections, love, laughter, compassion, health and the art of being conscious. Wellness and wellbeing mean a great deal to me. I truly believe we could all live peaceful, loving, happy and healthy lives if we placed more importance in our own well-being.


It hasn’t always been this way. Throughout my life, I have sat on each end of the spectrum. Ultra fit, active, and positive to overweight, unhealthy, and negative. Perspective has taught me that I understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. On this journey, I have been able to complete multiple qualifications and training. Coaching fitness, nutrition and wellbeing, Substance misuse counselling and also working with young people in sports.


Each and every day I strive to improve my well-being by maintaining a plant based diet and cruelty-free lifestyle. I have created a life where my intentions are based on personal growth and consciousness, rather than material gain. Read here how you can create your own healthy lifestyle.


The blog will be a place where I share information, images and videos including:


Plant-based nutrition



Personal growth





Holistic health



My passion, and commitment to help and support others have brought me to write this blog. I hope to reach and connect with more people while at the same time learn and continue with my own personal journey. Read here how you can


Thanks for taking your time to read my blog, I hope it can be of some help to you or somebody you may know.


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